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Baltimore Orioles @ Toronto Blue Jays

October 4, 2016, 8:00 pm EST
Rogers Centre

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Baltimore Orioles 0 - 0

Toronto Blue Jays 0 - 0

It's that time of year again. OCTOBER!!! And all we Baseball fans are going crazy. 

We lead off with Division rivals O's visiting the Jays for the American League wild card game. The last time they met was actually last Thursday, where the O's took the 3 game series 2-1 at Rogers Centre, beating Stroman 4-0 that day, who will start today for the Jays.

The O's will start Tillman, who had a bad second half with in comparison with the first half of the season (Before All-star game 10-3, after 6-3), and started last Wednesday in Toronto on a no decision where he allowed 2 runs on 5.2 innings.

Pick the Toronto Blue Jays on the Run Line (-1.5)

Odds: 2.35 (Decimal), +135 (American), 27/20 (Fractional)


Baltimore Orioles 2-5 Toronto Blue Jays

Wheren't we lucky!!

Walk off homer on the 11th by Encarnación made us win!!! If it would have been a single, we would had lost, LOL!!!

Starting with the right foot this post season, thanks every one for following and trusting FUTBEISBET for your Betting Tips.